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Information about my book Alphabet Soup which shares developmental information, ways to teach your child and fun and productive games in which you and your child can be involved.


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Decks of alphabet playing cards: a great way to learn print or cursive letters!

As an occupational therapist specializing in children’s developmental and learning differences, I know early intervention can have a positive impact. I love to partner with parents and teachers, offering evaluations, one on one consultations, and seminars. Thanks for stoppping by and have fun looking through my website!


Lyn is an exceptional speaker. Her inservices are informative and enlightening. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
I recently purchased Alphabet Soup. This book is filled with wonderful activities to do this summer with my children. Thanks Lyn!

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Letter Games: O, P, Q

Please make sure the games are appropriate to the child’s developmental age and that safety of the children is a priority! Adult supervision is a MUST! Letter O Obstacle course: Use pool noodles, hoola hoops, etc. Letter P Potato relay: Give each child a spoon and a small potato.  Mark off a start line and a finish line.  See who can balance their potato the farthest. Ping Pong: Place the ping pong ball on a table.  Have one child on each side of the table.  The ball is pushed back and forth using a marker with its cap on. Pig races: Have the children pretend to be pigs.  Set up chairs for the “pigs” to crawl around as if in a rodeo pig race. Popping corn: Have […]

Alphabet Gross Motor Games: F to N

In need of gross motor activities to coincide with your curriculum?В  Here we go again: Always add music when possible.В  Ensure that the children are always safe. Ensure the activity fits the developmental level of the child. Letter F Feet: Have the children explore all the movements feet can do: walking, dancing, galloping, hopping, skipping, tip toeing, kicking, jumping. Frogs:В  Place large circles with shapes or numbers on them around the room.В  Have the children pretend to be frogs by crouching down and hopping with two feet together while saying “rivet”.В  Have the children jump onto all the blue circles if they are wearing blue or onto all the triangles, etc. Letter G Grow:В  The children will curl up like a tiny seed.В  You will […]

Alphabet Gross Motor Games

In need of gross motor activities to coincide with your curriculum?  Here we go: Always add music when possible.  Ensure that the children area always safe. Ensure the activity fits the developmental level of the child. Letter A Angel Exercise: Have the children lay on the floor on their backs.  Arms should be at their sides and legs together.  At the same time, have all the children open their legs and move their arms to touch hands above head. Alligators in the Swamp: Let the children pretend to be alligators in a swamp.  Call “alligators go” and “alligators stop”.  When the alligators are moving they make the short sound of the letter A.  When they stop, they are very quiet. For younger children, have them […]

“Short Cuts” for Beginning Scissor Usage

As our children learn to use scissors, success is the motivator to “keep trying”.  Let’s talk about  rules for cutting and then look at items which require only limited snips to be cut in half. The scissors should fit the child’s hand. If a hand dominance has not been established allow practice with either hand or use Loop scissors (pictures above lying horizontally.  The smaller loop scissors on the top row do not cut well due to the short blades). The item to be cut needs to be stiff enough to Not bind in the scissors but not too stiff to make cutting difficult. The item needs to interest the child. Use of scissors must ALWAYS be supervised by an adult. Fun Things to Cut […]