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Decks of alphabet playing cards: a great way to learn print or cursive letters!

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Lyn is an exceptional speaker. Her inservices are informative and enlightening. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
I recently purchased Alphabet Soup. This book is filled with wonderful activities to do this summer with my children. Thanks Lyn!

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5 Summer Handwriting Thoughts

Summer lends itself to practicing those A,B,C’s through many fun activities!  However, there are certain things to consider with summer handwriting practice: 1. Ensure that you are using the same print or cursive program used this past year in your child’s class.  There is a huge difference between D’Nealian and the letters of Handwriting Without Tears. 2. Make sure that you are using the same handwriting program to be used in the fall classroom.  The past year’s program and the upcoming Fall program  should be the same. However,  at some schools I have consulted with, the writing program changes from preschool to kindergarten.  If this happens at your school, it will be important to go slowly and show your child the difference in each letter and how […]

Summer therapy: Who needs it?

As summer rapidly approaches, many questions come up between parent and therapist for summer plans.  I am asked these most frequently: 1. Is it ok to take off the summer from therapy to give my child a break? This is a question to ask your therapist.  Many children can maintain the progress they have made with a good solid home program run with a committed parent.  Others need the continual therapy as they have not “cemented” the new movement patterns or skills they just learned and tend to regress to old habits. 2. Now that school is out, can we do intensive therapy many times a week? Parents and therapists can have unrealistic plans for summer.  It is easy to think that summer will be […]

Reading Help: Reading Focus Cards

For those of you with children, students, or clients having eye tracking issues as they read, these cards are a great help!  They take the place of using your finger to follow the text or an index card to block out part of the text to eliminate distractions on the page.  They come in multiple colors, short ones like these for regular books or longer ones for text books.  For those who are sensitive to the white/black contrast of regular pages, colored filters are also included to add to these reading cards.  You can see that the green card has a yellow filter.  The notched top is for reading only one line at a time.  The window is for reading two lines at a time.  […]

Handwriting: There’s More To It Than You Think! Part 4

We have been looking at highlights from the ECMC conference held last month in Houston.  Here some more! Thanks for tuning in! When we think about fine motor skills, there are so many fun ways to encourage them.  However, you don’t have to keep buying new materials or toys.  Think about the items you already have and try the following: 1. Change the weight: plastic instead of glass, more fluid or less, multiple objects instead of fluid This plastic bottle has multiple objects to find among toothpicks and rice to make the sound of falling rain. Please secure the lid either with tape or glue.  Change the weight by using a glass bottle (must have supervision) or using gravel instead of rice. Weight helps strengthen if used appropriately. […]