Free downloads of various brochures on foundational skills of handwriting (gross motor, fine motor, visual perception, sensory motor, and developmental milestones).


Information about my book Alphabet Soup which shares developmental information, ways to teach your child and fun and productive games in which you and your child can be involved.


Lynlines is my educational blog! It has topics from parent's grief, handwriting hints for parents and teachers, sensory thoughts, and much more!


Decks of alphabet playing cards: a great way to learn print or cursive letters!

As an occupational therapist specializing in children’s developmental and learning differences, I know early intervention can have a positive impact. I love to partner with parents and teachers, offering evaluations, one on one consultations, and seminars. Thanks for stoppping by and have fun looking through my website!


Lyn is an exceptional speaker. Her inservices are informative and enlightening. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.
I recently purchased Alphabet Soup. This book is filled with wonderful activities to do this summer with my children. Thanks Lyn!

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Handwriting There’s More to It Than You Think: Part 3

These slides are the third part of highlights of my talk on Handwriting presented at the Early Childhood Methodist Conference in Houston. The norms are taken from Stepping Stones by Beery.  Some children will be ahead of these norms and some behind.  The norms on the slides are NOT for diagnostic purposes but to give a baseline for expectations.     The illustrations are from my book: Alphabet Soup: Stirring Your Child’s Interest in Letters.  The photos are from Bing Search.Please do not use my slides without my permission.  Thanks! Lyn  

Writing Progression by Age

I am presenting at the Early Childhood Methodist Conference in Houston this week.  I would like to share with you parts of my presentation!  The norms are taken from Beery: Stepping Stones Age Norms.  Every child is different and these are meant to be guidelines. If you have concerns about your child’s development, please contact your pediatrician.   Please let me know if you have questions!    

Copying From Afar

Copying from the board can be very tedious for some students!  Let’s take a look at the steps involved and see how we can help! Step 1: Student must be able to quickly look from his paper to the board and back down to his paper.  This visual skill called accommodation may be slower for some or result in blurry vision.  Its always a good idea to have your student’s eyes checked to see if this is a factor. Step 2: Student must isolate text on board from surrounding text, bulletin boards, or students moving in front of the board.  Children with figure ground (finding Waldo on a page of objects) perception or attention issues may not see the text to be copied because of […]